30 Minute Music Challenge
Challenge is Over

Though this is a bit late, the Remix Challenge has come to a close. Please Send in your works of Audio Art. Submissions have all of Monday September 9th (tomorrow) to be sent in.

3 Days Left

The Remix Rock Song Challenge is going to be ending in 3 Days. Please finish your songs or if your finished you can always polish your song.


This weeks challenge is going to be (insert dramatic pause here) Remixing a Rock song. This week we’re mixing it up by instead of making music, you’ll be changing music into your own unique song. Since this may be a difficult challenge you will have 1-2 weeks to remix some masterpieces.

The Lonely Blue Submission…

We got one submission this week:
Raynstrom’s By Any Other Name.

It’s a very nice little song, and I have the most reliable sources telling me that this artist isn’t quite done with this one *.^

Can’t wait to see more from you all!

3 hours left!

let’s see what all you magical musicians can come up with!

Theme Deadline!

This theme will be closed on Thursday, at 9PM EST!

Let’s see what you can do, party people!

New Theme Anouncement!

This time, the theme is Blue!

The ocean, rain, sad feelings, or even cotton candy, whatever you think of when you hear Blue!

The deadline will be announced at a later date(but it will end within the next 7 days!), so go crazy!

Desert Theme Masterpost!

This week we have Meletric’s Dry Spells, a very nice layered vocal,

and NoizyX’s Some Sort of Sand.

Both were very well done, and I hope to see more like this later!
New challenge will be up in a few days’ time

New Theme, guys!

This time the theme is the desert!

Dry and arid, there is little hope of surviving should you lose yourself. But even in such hostile conditions, beauty is seen.

Deadline for this theme is next Wednesday at 7PM EST, so you have a fairly long bit of time to work.

Let’s see what you got, party people!

OMG I’m so Late I Haven’t been home in 36 hours woop here have a masterpost

4our's submission

NoizyX's submission